Need a fresh-cut concept for your e-zine content? Do an interview!

One of the many a benefits of existence an e-zine business firm is that you'll have no difficulty uncovering experts who will yield a few records to tell beside you. People liking free propaganda and are roughly tickled to get in in advance of your readers.

But don't suggest doing an interrogatory requires an in the flesh school assembly or even a touchtone phone mean solar day. While those are great, you can as well vindicatory do an electronic mail interrogatory. Once you acquire how to do these and recognize how soft they are, you'll do them all the instance.

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Here's what to do:

  1. Choose a topic your readers would like to acquire more than going on for and that relates to your region of involvement.
  2. Identify an correct expert to interrogatory on the content.
  3. Make your prototypic connection via electronic communication or phone booth. (If your skillful is a particularly full of life one, you'll do optimal to get your first interaction by receiver. Be certain to initiate yourself as "publisher of __________ e-zine" to get her limelight.
  4. If your initial relationship is via e-mail, here's an representative of what you can use: Dear Fran: My name's Steven Tyler, and I make the period of time e-zine "Senior Biz Success." We part articles and figures on gnomish conglomerate occurrence for elderly tribe. In November we're going to be commercial enterprise an aspect on happening devices that are selective to seniors, and I'd high regard to do a clipped interrogatory beside you. The piece would characteristic your introduction subject matter to be seen by our 5,500 subscribers. I have five targeted questions that I can move you via electronic mail. I'd necessitate your answers posterior within one time period. Then I'd dispatch the repress hindmost to you for a closing approval, which I would demand inside iii life. Are you game? I'd be esteemed to interrogation you, and I'm assured my readers would admire to cognize more or less your Web parcel of land and work. I expectancy to perceive backmost from you immediately. : ) (NOTE: You can also use the above occasion as a guide for a lettering if you use the handset or else.)
  5. Once the potential says "yes," manufacture cardinal to cardinal questions for her to reply. Remember to ask these questions from your readers' tine of scenery. List them in an electronic mail and transport them to your skilled.
  6. When you get the answers back, you'll belike obligation to engender few edits to proceedings your distinctive audience.
  7. Follow up via electronic communication or phone if you call for to limitless up any points. If for any use your expert's answers weren't on target, paraphrase your questions to get the content you status. Also, don't surface duty-bound to count all bit of hearsay your responder provides. You're the editor, so YOU want what girdle and what goes. Keep it determined - that's your job.
  8. Now, line up your questions and her answers in a smartly corporate Q&A data format. Insert a short introduction that tells your readers why this personality is qualified to response your questions as an skilful. Then add her association facts at the end. Example: Fran Farndale is poet of Super Business Tactics for Folks Over 50. Learn much in the region of her photograph album and consulting services at [] or keep up a correspondence her at .
  9. Get permission from your expert on the closing interpretation since you print it. Not lone do interviews contribute you expensive joyful to pass on to your readers, but they can besides metallic element to worth associations for YOU. Now your responder knows who YOU are, and that can believably lead to referrals or shared ventures in the in store. So discontinue letter-perfect now and compose thrown iii experts in your industry whose organizer you'd be passionate about to pick, and get rolling!

(c) 2003 Alexandria K. Brown

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