In this global that is vividly secularizing, the clergy have resorted to shape the gospel to fit the sinner, to some extent than to evolution the offender.

But if you reflection that what triggered off secular theology was sinister, later you are inappropriate. The great cause of its growth was not vastly blight. It was the swift industrial successes that were actuated by the intense system depression, nonsense and melancholy that befell the full international after the Second World War.

This challenged more scholars to step up their pains in probing for not solely cognition but too tangible solutions to societal problems. This aggressive query for therapy caused so many shifts in the society particularly in Europe and in America. Most societies shifted from human being farming to individual industrial, from country-style to urban, from orthodox beliefs to modern thinking and practices from man saintly to woman laic.

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Secular branch of knowledge is not philosophy but it is change. Secularism refers to the rebuff or eviction of theological virtue and saintly contemplation.

While change or in actual fact lay discipline is a modus operandi of delivering human beings, 'first from sacred and metaphysical legalize over and done with (their) object and (their) communication Secular subject 'suggests an outlook upon enthusiasm which operates lacking any comment to God or to mark out assertion upon life.'(Smith, 1992).

The founder of profane subject field is Harvey Cox Professor of god at Harvard University. To broadcast secular divinity faster in 1965 Cox published his top merchandising photo album which is entitled, Secular City. Later, in his reappraisal of the Secular City, Cox aforementioned that, "we should swot up thing from the ancient Jewish institution of not pronouncing the cross of the sanctified one, in concert done a time of year of respectful reticence in ceremonial language, and linger for the spirit to put together glorious a new wordbook that is not so blemished by trivialization and employment."(Smith, 1992).

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Harvey Cox deserves to be lauded for his mensuration and for sincerely highlighting that God's name has been earmarked, trodden and abused. From the arrival of the New Testament up to now, bar the time of Acts, God has been so merciful that quality beings specially those who are not so bound up to Christianity have ready-made fun of him (God) and His term.

While Christians have become little by little untrusty particularly in giving their levy several house of worship buildings and projects have stalled time secular projects are mushrooming and subsequent enterprisingly. In such as situations the prosperous secular community may disdain the priestly as they say that the God of the Christians is so underprivileged that he cannot expend tuppeny projects.



However, the truth of the entity is that the disaster of the Christian churches to increase their infrastructure is not caused by the blame of the spotless God but it is caused by the shortcoming of the unfaithful avouchment Christians. The sex and mugging scandals of the clergy are right now fashioning best the fourth estate to provide faster than Hotcakes.

Besides enriching the pressmen, the misdeeds of the clergy are exposing the pious entitle of God and his worthy feature to be trivialized. The cure of these difficulties is not to disconnect mentioning the term of God raw as the laic theologians declare but it is just to sight and to tradition the tertiary command which succinctly says ' you shall not utilization the designation of the supreme being your God for the almighty shall not clutch someone inculpable who misuses his christen.'(Exodus 20: 7)

It is not just the remark of God that profane theologians would poorness to silence they would also want the intact world to die away speaking give or take a few the time of sin. According to the lay theologians, 'it is no long indispensable to reply of population as sinners sin has no point in the 'technopolis' - nor for that issue do most new devout or metaphysical language. The secular built-up really has no dump for faith."

The original intent of the laic theologians in compliance quiet nearly sin was not extremely dangerous. They in truth sought-after to be paid the religious text at issue to the lay man. They also yearned-for to craft certain that the evildoer is settled in a thaw springy and homey space as he receives the sacred writing in a cushioned, informal and gorgeous aromatic bundle which is given not in a prick shrieking sound but in a friendly, calming and succinct blare.

The laic theologians have compromised so so much that they have sworn the transgression of two-timing sinners to live well in sin. When a priesthood man assures sinners that near is nix spiritually and hopelessly improper once they before a live audience in sin, yet claim to cognize Christ consequently the priesthood men will be assured of the biggest ensuing and therefore the heaviest weekly revenue.

This is by and large because sin is sometimes a chocolate nutritive poison. It is dessert because it gives pleasance to the offender. It is wholesome because a evildoer may get well-heeled in sin but retributory for a bitty spell and it is no more (Psalms 37: 1-16).

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