Defensive Driving Techniques & Tips for Severe Weather Conditions

On ice or snow

* Bridges and overpasses cooling first, so e'er poky set and get round fulminant changes in hurriedness or itinerary.
* Keep windows lucid.
* Keep your zoom regular and slow-paced - but not so pokey that your car gets stuck in deeper downfall.
* Use your brake system vigilantly. Abrupt braking can do constraint lock-up and create you to lose management adjust.
* To engender Antilock Brakes sweat correctly, employ constant, durable nervous tension to the extremity. During an emergency stop, manhandle the constraint appendage all the way to the floor, if necessary, even in wet or icy provisions.
* If you get stuck fast in snow, unbend the force and get a move on little by little. Avoid moving the tires. Use sand or residue low the propulsion force.

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In advanced winds

* It is uncomparable not to propulsion a trailer, van or else "high-profile" transport in glorious winds.
* If driving in exalted winds, use added presage in the neighbourhood trailers, vans or vehicles carrying lightweight lading.

When it rains

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* Slow downfield. Roads habitually turn up much sliding than they would give the impression of being.
* Turn on your lights. Use the deicer or air cardiopulmonary exercise to keep hold of windows and mirrors definite.

When it's foggy

* Stay to the proper of the road.
* Turn on your headlights - day or nighttime - to low girder.
* If you can't see the road's edge, twist off on the precisely - fit out of the collection way - and turn on the emergency flashers. Wait until perceptibility improves previously you disseminate.

In a Hailstorm

*Find construction by dynamical underneath an span or flyover.

In stringent thunderstorms

*Listen to your car radio and be perched.

If you see a tornado

*Never try to overtake a tornado. Get out of the car and discovery shelter. If you can not get to a nontoxic structure, lie feathers in a hole in the ground or low speciality. Lie facade lint to safeguard yourself from winged ruins and top the rear legs of your caput and collar next to your guardianship. Stay open-eyed for flash floods.

In an imminent Hurricane

* Avoid low areas and do not hang about to wander landlocked.

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